Dark Remnants of Burned Out Stars
Hi, I'm Morgan. I am Cisgendered, White, Pansexual, Female. I am a Hair Stylist.

10 Childhood books

thanks to vaudevillellain

1. The Hobbit
2. The Secret Garden
3. Peter Pan
4. Alice in Wonderland
5. Series of Unfortunate Events
6. A Little Prince
7. Oliver Twist
8. Various greek myths
9. Chronicles of Narina
10. Remember the Stars

Those are the ones that I remember the best. There was also some star wars book that I really super liked but I can’t remember for the life of me remember what it was.
The Secret Garden was actually super important to me for reasons completely unrelated to the actual book. When I was in like 1st grade my school tried to hold me back because I had a low reading comprehension, but my mom wouldn’t let them because there were no programs to help with that until 2nd grade. I ended up testing in the AR reading program at like 3rd from the bottom (Putting me as the lowest in my class) but by the time I was in 4th grade My reading comprehension skyrocketed but my school wouldn’t let me read anything above my level and they would move my level up any faster than a predetermined pace. I had really wanted to read The Secret Garden but it was about 7 levels above me at that point and even when I read it aloud without messing up they still wouldn’t let me check it out so my mom got really mad and went out and bought it for me and finished it in about a day and a half. My parents just bought me any book I wanted after that.


Oz 2 


unfriended the guy who pissed me off on facebook


the guy who made me quit social media for a few days (which is a big deal for me, like i know that sounds dumb but it was a really big deal for me to cut myself off for even a few days)

i also know unfriending a guy who was obviously an asshole doesn’t seem like a big deal but it is for me, so i’m proud.

Good job baby <3


The cognitive dissonance caused by a society that tells its children to “follow their dreams” through messages in films, literature, etc. and then punishes them for not choosing safe, money making careers in adulthood is fascinating, to say the least

This is the Hogwarts Express, reblog to get on it.




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"If you think women are crazy you’ve never had a dude go from hitting on you to literally threatening to kill you in the time it takes you to say “no thanks.”"

- Kendra Wells (via belle-de-nuit)



Oh man, that’s adorable.



*whispers*… support all ace people.

All of them. Everyone of the goddamned spectrum. Most of us spent too long feeling very broken or confused to later get told we dont get to be part of the one community we feel we relate to.

Sex repulsed ace? You’re great. I feel.you. I know exactly what that’s like.

Sex positive ace? Man thats awesome. Whether it’s just from a like casual interest or curiosity in it as a fascinating topic or as an active participant because you like how it feels. If you arent attracted sexually to people you’re ace too and still welcome here.

Grey-a? I bet that was really confusing to figure out man, im so glad you’re here. Don’t worry I promise you’re awesome too, youre not a “fake” or anything like that.

Demi? You go, dude. Being attracted to your partner or someone you have that bond with doesnt make you less a part of our community. It doesnt meanmyou were “never really ace” or that now you’re totally allosexual. Demi is just as valid as other orientations.

Basically anyone that feels like they are part of the ace spectrum is awesome and you belong here, fuck what other people tell you.

Unless you’re a raging asshole and like a murderer or something. Then you arent awesome.

Cee Lo Green Tweets That It's Only Rape If The Person Is Conscious »


So disgusted right now.  I used to be a really big Cee-Lo fan and honestly kinda wished the accusations were false (even though I knew they were likely to be true), but now I’ll never be able to listen to any of his music again.